On your mark, get set, Go

“You have to write these down Mama” she would say, after I had finished recounting yet another story from my life. My daughter worried that these stories would vanish some day and she wanted them written down so that some day she would flip through the pages and recall a smile or a drive that we took while listening to them

I, however was hostage to the words in my head that refused to be bound to paper or screen. Words, they floated away before I could capture them, and those that I did disintegrated at my touch.

A casual conversation with a friend,across the seven seas led to this blog being created for me by that friend.

When the Universe has conspired thus,who am I to resist?

I begin this journey by dedicating this maiden venture to my daughter and my friend Vinay for the motivation and the inspiration, not to mention the threats 🙂

11 thoughts on “On your mark, get set, Go

  1. Gigi, what a great news that you have decided to blog. Knowing you, I am sure that there will be miles and miles of wit and wisdom that shall trace this path. And what I loved about the small acorn that you have planted was the fact that it declared that your daughter is your best friend. I truly hope that motivates billions of moms around the world to be the best friend to their daughters..
    And this world will be a better place to live.
    Happy Blogging Gigi.

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